Cocoon is manufactured from pharmaceutical grade filter paper. It features a very high internal surface area with high porosity and purity.


Cocoon is a poultice medium designed specifically to remove salts associated with rising and lateral damp from masonry walls. It works especially well on sandstone.


Clean Application                          No detrimental effect to the masonry

Applied by spray or trowel        Premixed, no onsite mixing
Easy removal of salts                Made from non-toxic materials
Cost effective                            Fast removal of salts
Low maintenance

Technical Data

pH                              8 +/- 0.5
S.G.                            1.1 Application            Trowel or Spray
Flashpoint              Non-flammable
Application            Trowel or Spray
Flashpoint              Non-flammable


Cocoon should not be applied to external walls if inclement weather is forecasted before the material dries. This normally takes approximately 4 days at 25 degrees celcius, and 2 days at 30 degrees celcius. If the material is wetted after initial drying, some shrinkage may occur. In this case, the loose material should be removed and new Cocoon applied. Do not apply to surfaces that have free or running water present.

Surface Preparation

Sweep the surface of the masonry to remove any loose sand or salts to provide a reasonably sound surface. Dispose of the material removed from the surface to an appropriate land fill area.


Mask and cover areas if spraying. After preparation, apply one coat of Cocoon by trowel or spray at the rate of 6 to 7kg of mixed material per square metre. This will provide a wet film thickness of approximately 10mm. It is preferable that the surface is left with the textured finish to provide a greater surface area. However, trowelling the surface flat to provide a more even finish can be done without affecting the poultice too much. Leave each application for a minimum of 14 days before removal unless directed otherwise by the manufacturer.


To remove the Cocoon (normally after 2 to 6 weeks), simply peel from the substrate and dispose of removed material to an appropriate land fill area.

Clean Up

If allowed to dry, the Cocoon will peel off and any residue will wash off with water. Flush machinery thoroughly with clean water after spraying.  


Container sizes are:
–   20  Litre