Westox has a large range of unique heritage restoration products including Cocoon, a superior product specifically designed to extract salts from buildings to aid the restoration process and has restored some of the most well-known heritage buildings globally.

Global restorations with Cocoon:

The Duomo, Pisa St Marks Basilica, Venice Palazza Minotto Venice, Italy The Glasmuseum, Quedlinburg Castle and Schloss Sanssouci, Germany The Governor’s Mansion, Suffolk House and the Old Court House, Penang Malaysia
Fort Denison and St Mary’s Cathedral Cocoon has been extensively tested with the University of Florence, the University of Venice, Edilvenezia Venice, and the Instituto Per La Conservazione E La Valorizzazione Dei Beni Culturali (ICVBC) Florence, Italy.

Westox continue to develop and refine products and systems for the conservation of heritage artifacts, and look forward to being able to pass on knowledge and contribute to the preservation of heritage landmarks throughout the world.

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