Westox Lime Wash is based on slaked rock lime using a number of traditional formulations. Various modern additives may also be deployed to obtain the performance characteristics required on any particular project. The selection of particular blend depends on the substrate to be coated after discussion with the client. 


Mainly pastel shades to customers requirements or tinting on site.


Ensure that surfaces are free of loose and flaking paint, grease or other contaminants.


Dampen porous surfaces immediately before applying Westox Lime Wash.

For previously painted surfaces it is recommended that light sanding is undertaken. For additional adhesion the surface may be primed using Westox RAP Primer (8m2 per litre) immediately before applying the Westox Lime Wash.

The Westox Lime Wash is applied at the rate of 5m2 per litre coat with three (3) coats normally required. Allow each coat to dry before applying subsequent coats.


Wash out in the water after use.


Container Size: 20 Litre and 200 Litre container.