RAP Adhesive


RAP Adhesive is a spalling concrete repair system. The system has been formulated to restore the alkaline properties of spalled concrete areas and to protect reinforcing against further corrosion.


Water resistance
Long term stability
Non toxic
High bond strength
Easy to use


 Bond Strength                       1.32 Mpa
 Tensile Strength                  4.24 Mpa
 Flexural Strength                 10.90 Mpa
 Impact Strength                   1.80 Mpa
 Compressive Strength      39.40 Mpa
 Shear Bond Strength          4.48 Mpa
 Based on specific standard specification mix


Remove loose concrete from around areas of rusting reinforcing steel and chase rusted bars in to sound concrete until rust ceases.  Chase at least 20mm behind the steel.

Wire brush steel or mechanically abrade to remove all loose and all flaking rust and expose bright steel.

Treat steel with a mixture of Westox CR25 mixed with cement to a slurry consistency and apply by brush directly onto exposed steel.  Ensure that the rear of the steel is fully encapsulated with mixture.  Allow to dry for a minimum of eight (8) hours.


Mix RAP Adhesive one (1) part, to water three (3) parts, use this mixture as gauging water for a three (3) sand and one (1) cement mix, add only enough mixture to obtain a workable consistency and use to patch or repair around exposed steel.  Build up patches in layers not exceeding 15mm per coat.  Allowing at least four (4) hours between layers.  Finish flush to original texture, all repairs are to cure for a period of seven (7) days prior to application of coating.


Prime all new rendered surface and old previously painted surfaces with one (1) coat of Westox Highblock C Primer at the coverage rate of 8 – 10 m² per Litre.

Allow to dry for a minimum of one (1) hour before applying top coats.

All primed surfaces must be top coated the same day, if in a salt air environment.


Suitable coatings from the Westox range include:-

Glosstex  1 coat, 3 – 4m² per Litre plus 1 coat, 1 – 1.5m² per Litre.

Satintex  1 coat at 1 – 1.5m² per Litre.

WBA Membrane 2 coats at 3.5m² per Litre per coat.

Westox Wesflex 2 coats at 6 – 8m² per Litre per coat.


Wash all equipment with fresh water immediately after use and before product has set.


Container Size: 5 Litre and 20 Litre containers.